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Insight is Capital™ Podcast

May 30, 2018

Recorded May 28, 2018 - Our in-depth conversation with David Rosenberg, Chief Economist, at Gluskin Sheff on Canada, the U.S., and the Global Economy, and what to do with assets given the current economic and market environment we are entering.

AA: Hello and thank you for listening to the Insight is Capital podcast™....

May 24, 2018

Som Seif, CEO, Purpose Investments discusses how his outlook has changed since the return of volatility to the markets in February of this year. We discuss areas of the market to avoid or reduce, and areas of the market that he favours.

Apr 18, 2018

In this podcast, Dan Kelley, portfolio manager, Fidelity Investments, discusses how the opportunity of investing in founder-led companies has historically translated in higher returns.

As a high school student, one of Dan Kelley's first jobs was working in a supermarket. At a young age he was interested in...

Mar 31, 2018

We recently chatted with Sandy Liang, President, Purpose Investments Partners, and high yield fixed income portfolio manager to discuss his thesis on credit risk vs. interest rate risk for investors seeking yield in a rising rates environment.

"Interest rate risk, or the risk of bond investments going down in value from...

Mar 31, 2018

We recently caught up with Sandy Liang, President, Purpose Investments Partners, and high-yield fixed income portfolio manager. Sandy's exemplary career on both the buy-side and sell-side in equities, and more notably in high yield, on Wall Street. have earned him a reputation as a shrewd, no-nonsense high yield and...